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This is the home for Quantum Thought, Quantum Exposure and the Quantum Shift.  Your tour guide is Dr. Sam Mugzzi.  She will expose you to new thoughts, alternative healing modalities, Galactic Integration, and current events.

Dr. Sam Mugzzi is bringing her friends to the network to gain a fresh perspective on our Golden Age.

Sam started her radio career on Blog Talk Radio and has recently moved over to KCOR.  Her shows begin every Tuesday night at 6-7 pm, pst.   Some of her reoccurring guest include:  Steven D. Kelly, Richard  De Montgomerie from the Group K of the Neil Keenan group, Drake Baily, Karen Ann McDonald, Zorra, Jay Perron from Wolf Spirit Radio,  Wil Spencer and so many more.  Please see archives which are available here on Quantum Shift.info

A “Brand New” TV show is now being produced on Wolf Spirit TV.  Produced by Jay Perron (JP) on Wednesday nights from 6-7 pm, pst.   This Quantum Healing show is about using the SCIO biofeedback device on JP!  There are over 78 various screens to monitor his out put of frequency vibrations contributing to a possible dis-ease state.  There are approximately 9500 testing screens that is reading JP’s electrical output and 1500 frequencies to re-balance his body’s rhythm.  The re-balancing of frequencies is what causes the reduction in the body’s stress.

Our bodies are plant base with an electrical current.  This is why the body unit is receptive to frequency re-training.  The SCIO system is working in the sub-space and why the device can be in Arizona and JP in the UK.  Through long distance, his body can be picked up on and monitor his electrical responses.  With great accuracy, SCIO offers suggestions and guidance as to what the person might need to do to correct electrical weaknesses.   

If you are interested in a session for Biofeedback stress reduction and re-balancing, check out Dr. Sam Mugzzi’s online Wellness Center.  If you want to purchase a Biofeedback device, please see the store located at QuantumHealing.club. 

This new approach to healing ourselves with frequency is a revolutionary concept and one that is not so new to some.  Look up Royal Rife, Nicolas Tesla, and Dr. Hulda Clark for more research on this wonderful topic. 

Some of the archives are made available on this website and others can be found on YouTube.  I hope you enjoy the endless possibilities that come with our New World and the 5D paradigm.  Its the Quantum Shift!


Dr. Sam Mugzzi